16 - 18 October 2019 | Can Tho International Exhibition Fair Center (EFC), Can Tho | VIETNAM
Vietnam's International Aquaculture Industry Event


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Vietnam Aquaculture Market

Vietnam aquaculture industry has great potential in continuing its current growth. However, there are challenges ahead for the sustainable growth of the sector, such as disease management, cumulative impact on the environment, and lack of technology and effective collaboration within the industry. The industry utilises a wide range of species that provide significant potential towards aquaculture development.

MARD continues to encourage the expansion of aquaculture by supporting the development of tilapia farming. Target production is 300,000 tonnes by 2020, of which 50%-60% would be available for export, and 400,000 tonnes by 2030, with 45% - 50% of production for export, as the proportion of tilapia consumed in Vietnam is expected to grow when overall production rises. The three major farmed species will be Nile tilapia, hybrid tilapia (between Nile and blue tilapia) and red tilapia.

Aquaculture Production 2006 - 2015 (’000 tonnes)

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