The robust development of aquaculture activities has created jobs and increased income for many households. However, the aquaculture environment is gradually changing, leading to degradation and pollution due to excavation, care, and sanitation activities in farming areas. Environmental protection in aquaculture needs to be given more attention.

Natural conditions are favorable for year-round aquaculture

Vietnam not only has excellent natural marine conditions for aquaculture but also benefits from freshwater fisheries resources from the Red River basin and the Mekong Delta. In these locations, aquaculture is carried out year-round.

Aquaculture is a key economic sector in Vietnam, accounting for 4-5% of GDP. Ranking third in export value, reaching 11 billion USD, it constitutes 9-10% of Vietnam’s total export turnover (in 2022).

Responding to Earth Day to “green” the aquaculture industry

Earth Day, observed annually on April 22, was initiated by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson and is now widely celebrated in over 192 countries to raise awareness and call for action to protect the Earth and the environment.

Green production, green consumption, and a green economy are increasingly popular trends, and the Vietnamese aquaculture industry is doing relatively well in “greening.” The number of farms and breeding areas that have received international recognition for responsibly farmed seafood, minimizing negative impacts on the environment, ecosystems, and communities, and ensuring good labor regulations (ASC) is increasing.

Opportunity to learn and share experiences with leading experts

To develop a sustainable and “green” aquaculture industry, do not miss the opportunity to learn, and share experiences, knowledge, and new technologies from industry-leading experts and businesses at Aquaculture Vietnam 2024 – Vietnam’s International Aquaculture Industry Exhibition. Aquaculture Vietnam is dedicated to pursuing and implementing the principles of green and sustainable development.

Aquaculture Vietnam helps businesses grow and expand with countless new opportunities: Direct connections to businesses, experts, and industry leaders; Display, introduce, and promote products directly to specialized customers in animal husbandry; Shorten production and sales cycles through new connectivity applications; Update market news in Vietnam and the world; Refine and perfect professional knowledge at technology seminars…

The event will bring the latest technologies and products in aquaculture and seafood processing – a comprehensive value chain from farm to fork. The event will be concurrent with the Vietstock Expo & Forum 2024 from October 9-11, at SECC (799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC).




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