In the diverse landscape of Vietnam’s economy, aquaculture stands out as a key industry, contributing significantly not only to the national GDP but also to the livelihoods of millions of households. With a 3,260-kilometer coastline along with a large network of rivers and streams, Vietnam boasts favorable natural conditions for the development of the aquaculture sector. In the continuous effort to maximize these natural advantages, several provinces have developed strongly, reshaping Vietnam’s aquaculture landscape with notable achievements. This article will show you the leading provinces in aquaculture in Vietnam, exploring their secrets to success and valuable lessons that other regions can learn for sustainable development.

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Why is aquaculture important?

Aquaculture has become an indispensable part of Vietnam’s economic landscape, playing a pivotal role in ensuring food security and increasing employment opportunities. The growth of the aquaculture sector not only meets the increasing demand for protein of the domestic population but also significantly contributes to the global food supply. Aquaculture and seafood exports bring in substantial foreign exchange earnings, thereby driving national GDP growth.

Leading provinces in this field, from the Mekong Delta to the Central Coast, have witnessed significant transformations, turning Vietnam into one of the world’s top seafood exporting countries. Focusing on advanced technology, sustainable farming practices, and government support policies has helped the aquaculture industry overcome environmental challenges and diseases while creating thousands of new job opportunities every year.

Furthermore, the seafood sector plays a crucial role in maintaining Vietnam’s trade balance. Vietnamese seafood products are present in over 160 countries and territories, enhancing Vietnam’s position in the global market, and proving the quality and reputation of Vietnamese seafood products.

The leading provinces in aquaculture in Vietnam

Aquaculture in Vietnam has seen significant development, with leading provinces playing a crucial role in increasing both the quantity and quality of aquaculture products.

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is the largest aquaculture hub in Vietnam, renowned for its catfish and shrimp farming. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, this region contributes significantly to the national aquaculture output, yielding millions of tons annually. Not only does the Mekong Delta supply a substantial amount of seafood for domestic consumption, but it also contributes significantly to Vietnam’s seafood export revenue.

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Kien Giang

This province has shown robust development with various large-scale aquaculture projects, especially in cage aquaculture and pearl farming in Phu Quoc. Kien Giang plays a vital role in seafood exports, particularly premium products such as shrimp and catfish.

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Ca Mau

Ca Mau, one of the largest shrimp-producing provinces in the country, focuses on sustainable aquaculture practices. It focuses on the integration of shrimp farming with mangrove forests, aiming for sustainable and environmentally friendly production. These initiatives not only enhance ecosystem resilience but also increase the value of exported shrimp products.

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Red River Delta

Currently, the Red River Delta (especially Hai Duong province) is witnessing the rapid development of integrated agriculture-aquaculture (VAC) models, bringing high economic efficiency and product diversification. Emerging aquaculture models such as tilapia farming are also expanding, contributing to food security and local economic development.

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Other provinces

Additionally, provinces like Quang Ninh and Khanh Hoa are also experiencing substantial growth in aquaculture, focusing on marine fish and mollusk farming, as well as sea crab and lobster farming.

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The challenges and difficulties facing Vietnam’s aquaculture industry

Vietnam’s aquaculture industry is facing numerous challenges and complex issues, especially in the context of climate change and global economic competition. One prominent issue is the prevalence of illegal fishing activities, using prohibited methods and tools such as explosives, electric shocks, and harmful chemicals. This not only affects the fishery resources but also results in serious environmental pollution, particularly in inland and coastal areas.

Furthermore, the industry is under pressure from economic and tourism development activities, necessitating a balance between conservation and exploitation. The master plan for the aquaculture sector has not been thoroughly addressed, leading to misaligned investments in infrastructure, aquaculture technology, and aquaculture logistics with actual production requirements.

On a global scale, Vietnam’s aquaculture sector also faces competitive pressures from other countries and trade barriers such as the EU’s IUU yellow card, countervailing duties in the US, and tensions in international maritime areas. To overcome these challenges, the industry needs to focus on improving product quality, ensuring food safety, and promoting sustainable development through the adoption of advanced and environmentally friendly aquaculture methods.

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Aquaculture Vietnam 2024: Connecting knowledge, towards a better future

With significant challenges and difficulties, from technical and environmental factors to economic pressures, the Aquaculture Vietnam exhibition is rising as a guiding light for Vietnam’s aquaculture industry today.

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