Vietnam to have national water resource monitoring system by 2030


Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam has set a goal of building and maintaining a national water resource monitoring system and another system to forecast flooding, drought, saltwater intrusion and rising sea water level by 2030.

It was set in the master plan on basic investigation on water resources till 2030 with a vision to 2050, which has recently been approved by the Government.

As part of the planning, Vietnam will also put into operation a system to monitor and coordinate the operation of all reservoirs in 11 river basins, and another monitoring the exploitation and use of water and discharge of wastewater into water resources.

By 2030, Vietnam will strive to complete investigation and assessment of underground water resources; seek and discover underground water sources; zone off and announce areas where exploitation of underground water is restricted nationwide; review the pollution, degradation and depletion and salinisation of water resources; and forecast the impacts of climate change on water resource.

The planning also comprises the building of mechanisms to manage and allocate capital to basic investigations on water resources, and the research and application of selected modern technical tools for investigations. It will also propose mechanisms to encourage individuals and organisations to provide public services in the field under public-private partnership model./.

Source: Vietnam Plus



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